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C-DAC Centre at Mohali  


C-DAC Mohali has been developing a range of both hardware and software products. The domains include Health Informatics, Cyber Security, Software Technology, Digital Electronics & Communication, Very Large Scale Integrated & Embedded System, Manufacturing Technology, Open Source, Multimedia and Multilingual technologies. Detailed description of various activities, technologies and products developed is given below:


The Health Informatics & Electronics Division (HIED) division has been very active in the field of health informatics and telemedicine. HIED has been actively working on G2G and G2C services by developing appropriate technologies and developing a variety of solutions for telemedicine, health informatics, tele-education and biomedicine. It has successfully implemented various sponsored R&D projects and has developed large number of products and technologies. These are summarized below:

  1. Sanjeevani
  2. e-Sanjeevani
  3. Sanjeevani-Health Record Management System (HRMS)
  4. Sanjeevani- Blood Bank Management System (BBMS)
  5. Hospital Management Information System (HIMS)
  6. eHealth Portal
  7. Medical Tourism


The division focuses on design and development of products for various user sectors:

  1. Black Box
  2. RFID Systems
  3. Surbhi
  4. Sarthi
  5. Irrigation Scheduler
  6. Green House for Agri Research


Software Technology Division is focused on design, development, and implementation of software solutions in the area of Heritage Computing, Multilingual and Multimedia technologies, and e-Governance. C-DAC Mohali is also the Primary Resource Centre for establishment of BOSS Linux support group for the northern region of India. These are mainly management information systems (MIS) for multi-centre data collection, modules for data analysis and subsequent visualization. These are deployed for consultancy and online recruitment. It has also developed various products based on multimedia & multilingual technologies.

  1. Bhashavali
  2. IT Lexicon
  3. Unicode Converter
  4. Sampadak

Online recruitments have been conducted for numerous state departments for Government of Punjab and Government of Haryana, including: Department of School Education, Govt. of Punjab, Rashtriya Madhyamik Shikhya Abhiyan, Punjab State Warehousing Corporation, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, National Rural Health Mission, and many more


This division executes R&D in the areas of Communication, digital electronics, microcontroller, mobile technologies sensor and RF based system and embedded technology.

  1. Remote Microscope Controller
  2. Automated Traction Unit


The focus of C-DAC's Cyber Security Technologies Division (CSTD), Mohali is to develop futuristic cyber security technologies. In 2005, group took up an investigative project on “Attack Methodology Analysis, Network Attack Modeling & Survivability Simulation”. This envisaged R&D in the area of Attack methodology analysis, attack modeling using Honeynet as a base technology leading to the development of tools and mechanisms for collection, correlation, analysis and finally modeling of the attacks. Successful deployment and up gradation of Honeynet technology was also a part of this project under which group had successfully studied, deployed the three variants of high interaction honeynets (GEN I, GEN II, GEN III). Subsequently, enhancements to the standard Gen III Honeynet architecture were done through session correlation, reduction of the alerts generated through data fusion of OSSEC HIDS with Snort.

Subsequently, in 2008 the Group further extended its efforts through “Development of Distributed Honeynet System”. In this project team had developed a “Dynamically configurable Honeynet” system and demonstrated its capabilities with the help of a distributed network of dynamically configurable Honeynet systems. This project has been successfully completed and to further continue the research efforts a project titled “Development of Active Honeypot for Distributed Honeynet System” is currently being done. This would enable detection of malicious web sites. In the next phase the solution developed would be deployed along with CERT-in and experimental results collected. Research is also being carried out to develop mechanism of detecting Bots and tracking Botnets.

Information Security Education and Awareness project an initiative of MCIT is also being undertaken at C-DAC Mohali. C-DAC Mohali is a participating Institute and also an Implementing Agency under which various training programs for govt. officers and Information security programs are being done.

Research Projects Completed in (2007-2012):

  1. Attack methodology  analysis network attack modeling and survivability simulation (Feb-2005 to Feb-2008): Developed Solutions - Improved Gen-III Honeynet
  2. Development of Distributed Honeynet system (Oct 2008 - Jan 2011): Developed Solutions – Dynamically configurable Honeynet system; Distributed Honeynet System
  3. Development of Active Honeypot for Distributed Honeynet System  (April 2011-April 2013) ): Proposed deliverables – Dynamically configurable Honeynet with active Honeypot; Bot detection engine for IRC and HTTP bot; Botnet tracking engine
  4. ISEA Project (Oct 2008 onwards) - Participating Institute; Implementing Agency; Awareness Workshops –CDAC Hyderabad project. : Developed Solutions - Six months Advanced Diploma in Networking and System Security. (PI); Training programs for government officers; Awareness Workshops on Information Security for various segments of users.


Training has been the main source of supply of trained manpower to industry. The major thrust areas of the Centre in training are Medical Electronics, Telecommunication, Animation & Multimedia Technologies, PCB Design & Manufacturing, CADD Engineering, Network Security, Embedded System Design & Entrepreneurship Development Programme which C-DAC Mohali has been conducting successfully since its inception. C-DAC Mohali has conducted more than 1000 training programmes and trained more than 15,000 students till date. It is one of the most preferred IT training centres by Engineering and Technology students in the northern region.

Training Programmes for Indian Students include: Post Graduate Diploma in Animation & Multimedia, Advanced Diploma in CADD Engineering, Advanced Diploma in Networking & System Security, Advanced Diploma in Bio-medical Equipment Technology & Maintenance, PCB CAD/CAM, Advanced Diploma in Wireless & Broadband (VOIP) Communication Networks, Diploma in Embedded System Design, Perimeter Security Solutions, Information Security Threat Assessment, Information Security A Practical Approach, Security Administration LINUX.

C-DAC Mohali has trained around 2000 participants under ITEC/SCAAP. Under this Programme, C-DAC Mohali presently conducts courses for civilians of the 156 countries. Training Programmes for International Students include: Advanced Course in Computer Networks Engineering and Management, Advanced Course in Telemedicine & Medical Informatics, Advanced Course on Medical Equipment & Informatics, Advanced course on Special effects and video post production techniques, Advanced course on Special effects and video post production techniques, Course in 3D Animation, Training Programme in e-Governance for Executives, Advanced Course in CADD Engineering, Advanced Course in Multimedia & Web Design Technology, Diploma in Linux for Network Applications, Training program on Information and Network Security, Training Programme in Network Security Assessment & Proactive Defense.

C-DAC Mohali is currently focused on providing two year full time M.Tech Programmes in the following fields:

  • Masters of Technology in VLSI Design
  • Masters of Engineering in Electronics Product Design & Technology(EPDT)
  • Masters of Technology Embedded Systems
  • Masters of Technology in Information Technology (Part time basis)


The Library has a collection of over 12000 publications which include books, bound volumes of journals, thesis/dissertations, rare books, reports, government documents. The Library has subscription of 47 periodicals/journals. The books are issued to the students for the maximum for 15 days except reference book, Data books, Directories, Hand books, Reports, Standards. The books, which are not available in the library, are procured on the request of members. The reprographic facility is available for all members and students. IEEE and ACM online access of Journals and Conference Proceeding are also available inside the institute. There is a provision of separate reading carrels for the faculty.