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   Computerization of Maharashtra Legislature Secretariat  

The Organization of Legislative Assembly Council consists of:

- Governor

- Speaker - Maharashtra Legislative Assembly

- Chairman - Maharashtra Legislative Council

- Secretary - Maharashtra Legislature Secretariat

The Legislature as understood and envisaged in the Constitution of India, does not merely enact laws - although it is one of its major functions - but does many more things such as passing the budget, providing money by taxation and authorizing its expenditure, and affording opportunities to the Legislators to exercise control and supervision over the Executive Government by way of criticism in a variety of ways on matters of administration.

State Legislature consists of the Governor and two Houses namely, Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council. Under normal circumstances, three sessions takes place every year of which the first two namely, the Budgetary session and the Monsoon session take place in Mumbai, while Winter session is conducted at Nagpur.

Legislature Secretariat (MLS) is an organization, which controls day today activities of Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council at MLS, Vidhan Bhavan. The Legislature consists of the Governor and two Houses, the legislative Assembly and the legislative Council.

Organizational Functional Branches

- Library

- Reporting and Editing

- Questions

- Bills, Resolutions, Motions

- Committees

- Establishment, Accounts, Salaries

- General Administration

- Security

A solution to computerize the operations of Legislative Assembly/Council was developed for Maharashtra. The application successfully developed and commissioned consists of following modules:


Member Information System (MIS)

- Assembly Members Information

- Council Members Information

- Member Tracking System

- Member Hierarchy System

- Search

Newspaper Clipping Information System (NCIS)

- Scanning of Newspaper Clippings

- Indexing of the Clippings

- Retrieval of the Clippings

Reporting and Enquiry

Reporting Information System (RIS)

- Scheduling of Reporters

- Managing Reporters

- Readymade Templates for the Reporters

- Questions, Bills list Availability

- Audio track availability to the Reporters

- Preparing the day's Proceedings Document


Questions Information System (QIS)

- Question Submission

- Processing of the Question

- Status and Statistics of the Questions

- Search


Bills Information System (BIS)

- Bill Submission

- Processing of the Bill

- Status and Statistics of the Bills

- Search


Resolution Information System (RoIS)

- Resolution Submission

- Processing of the Resolution

- Status and Statistics of the Resolutions

- Search


Motions Information System (MoIS)

- Motion Submission

- Processing of the Motion

- Status and Statistics of the Motions

- Search


Committee Information System (CIS)

- Committee Information - History, Objective, Formation

- Committee Meeting Schedule

- Information of Committee Meeting

- Status and Statistics of Committee Reports


Rules Information System (RuIS)

- Maintaining the Rules of Assembly and Council and Retrieval of the same for Reference as and when required


Bulletin Part II

Preparation and Maintenance of Bulletin Part II