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Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics  

Increased Internet penetration has given exponential rise in sophisticated attacks on Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. Attackers are gaining access to sensitive information like credit card details and other financial information. Smartphone attacks are growing in multiple folds. Also with the growth of 3G services and business transactions using mobile phones, there is a substantial increase in mobile malware. In order to make our IT infrastructure resilient against these threats, there is a need for cutting-edge Research and Development efforts in Cyber Security. C-DAC has been actively pursuing R & D in a number of sub-areas in Cyber Security domain.


C-DAC is working in the field of Biometrics focusing...

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Cyber Forensics

C-DAC developed indigenous tools for collecting...

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End Point Security

C-DAC developed solutions defending the end point...

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Network Security

C-DAC is focusing on adaptive intrusion detection...

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Mobile and Web Security

C-DAC is developing mobile device security solution...

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SCADA Security

Since SCADA systems are getting integrated into...

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Cloud Security

C-DAC is working to minimize the security risk associated...

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Honeynet Technolgies

C-DAC designed a Distributed Honeynet System...

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Services Offered (Why is the title and the first two bullets so skewed. Only one should appear as a title)

  • ICERT and offers various Cyber Security auditing services
  • Services offered
  • Consultancy for ISMS Auditing
  • Cyber Forensic Analysis, Training and Laboratory Development
  • Malware Analysis
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing of Web Applications and Networks

C-DAC Offers

Short term courses of one day to one month on topics such as Database Security, Ethical Hacking, Perimeter Security, Security Engineering, Web Application Security, Wireless Security, Security Administration Linux, Cyber Forensics, Cyber Crime, IT Law, Mobile Security etc.