VCU & TCN for rolling Stock Application as per IEC-61375 for Indian Railways

In order to sustain the control system in a rolling stock during its lifetime, it becomes necessary to update the technology continuously and tackle the obsolescence and vendor independence. This is not possible with the present proprietary control system used by Indian Railways, as already, it became obsolete in the global market. Hence, it was decided by railways to standardize and develop indigenously appropriate hardware and software as per IEC-61375 TCN open standard for all types of rail vehicles for Indian Railways, which includes locomotives, EMUs etc.

CDAC has taken up a project with Chitaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW) with technical support from IISc and IIT Bombay. Development of Control Hardware and Software for Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) & Train Communication Network (TCN) for Rolling Stock Application according to IEC-61375 standard. Through this project, CDAC(T) is developing the required hardware and software for VCU and TCN. The project is jointly funded by NaMPET and Indian Railways.

VCU Hardware, Driver software, Test setups, Application development environment etc. are developed. Rolling stock application testing with simulated condition and configurations for field trials are being done along with Advanced Rail Control systems (ARC), Bangalore and CLW, Chitaranjan.

VCU Features

  • Freescale MPC 5200 with QNX RTOS and TMS470 based system
  • Flash and Battery backup RAM
  • Analog and digital IO
  • MVB/WTB/CAN / RS232/ Ethernet interfaces
  • Redundant SMPS (110V IP)
  • -25 oC to +70 oC (Class T1)


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