GARUDA Grid Monitoring Tool - Paryavekshanam

Paryavekshanam is a web-based, automated, 24 x 7 monitoring tool deployed in GARUDA Grid to increase the reliability, usability and manageability. Grid resources are heterogeneous (Linux, Solaris, AIX) in nature and are distributed geographically across different cities in India. Monitoring these grid resources is challenging in terms of its dynamic and critical nature. Paryavekshanam provides hierarchical view to the health of the grid.

Paryavekshanam monitors the following major grid components:

  • Computing nodes
  • Scientific / Special instruments
  • Network
  • Grid middleware
  • Storage
  • Submitted jobs
  • Software installed

Salient Features :

  • It is a web- based, user friendly customizable monitoring tool
  • It has a visual depiction of data in tabular and graphical format like bar, line and radar graph
  • Alert and Notification system for capturing the resource degradation and notifying the system administrators for the corrective actions.
  • Data gallery for viewing the historical data
  • Search facility for resources and software
  • Remote site management facility.


Paryavekshanam can be accessed on Garuda network from the Portal page.

Release History

Release Major Feature(s) in the Release
Version 1.2
on 26/06/2007
Search, alert, admin page. Parya dashboard with status bar
Version 1.1
on 07/07/2006
Release with GOC Desk, network, data gallery, help and about pages
Version 1.0
on 06/09/2005
First Release with Home and grid overview page
Version 2.0
On 25/11/08
SRB monitoring, jobs monitoring, graphs refinement etc


Future Works

Version 3.0 is under testing and will be released hence after.


Paryavekshanam is accepted as a Globus Incubator Project by the Globus Alliance


Karuna, Deepika H.V, Mangala N., Prahlada Rao BB, MohanRam N."Paryavekshanam: A Status Monitoring Tool For Indian Grid Garuda”, NORDUNet 2008, April 2008, Finland