Tool for Grid Service Creation - Automatic Grid Service Generator

This Automatic Grid Service Generator can generate services for a Globus 4.x based grid. It has been targeted for the Garuda Grid which is a collaboration of science researchers and experimenters on a nationwide grid of computational nodes, mass storage and scientific instruments to enable data and compute intensive science. GARUDA grid is currently based on GT 4.0.7 and adopting the Service Oriented Architecture. It frees the user from the detailed steps involved in making a grid service. It can convert an already existing executable file as a grid service.

The AGSG Features:

Users can create service to:

  • Any existing executables of C, java, or Fortran
  • Create service of interpreted languages code.

By Providing:

  • Service Name
  • Service Description
  • Directory Structure (if application is following any internal directory structure)
  • Libraries or any additional files
  • Command line arguments, if any

The tool will create the service by creating grid archive file(GAR) file with a set of other files

needed. This GAR file is sent to the service administrator, who will deploy the GAR file on the specified cluster. After deployment, user is given back the URI of the service.

For invoking the service the AGSG Client tool can be used. The Client tool calls a ClientHandler, which ask the user to supply the command line arguments, Upload the additional files, libraries if any and will run the service. User will be able to download the results.


Platforms and Browsers that support Grid Portal
Linux Platform Mozilla ver. 1.6 and above.
Firefox ver. 1.0.4 and above
Windows Platform Internet Explorer ver. 6.0.2 and above.
Firefox ver. and above.


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