SCADA Security

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It is not always feasible to apply IT security measures to SCADA systems since availability is the top priority for SCADA systems where as confidentiality is the main concern for IT systems. As SCADA Systems get larger, they necessarily became connected to other common networks for both economic and technical reasons, which have been finally integrated into the Internet. This advancement in technology accompanied new kinds of threats to the critical infrastructures operated by SCADA systems and hence in danger. In this situation it is very important to define, classify and simulate the threats and vulnerabilities and building counter measures against them.

SCADA test bed will be modeled in Defense-In-Depth architecture. Defense-In-Depth architecture strategy includes the use of firewalls, Digital simulator for simulating field devices and RTUs, detection and analysis of threats and vulnerabilities and incident response mechanisms. This SCADA test bed can be used for different purposes namely.