National Knowledge Network

The National Knowledge Network is an initiative in the direction to enable India leapfrog into Knowledge Society and Knowledge Economy. It has potential of solving major challenges faced by human race, such as, Climate Change, Energy Security, Green Design, and so on.

Integration and synergy will enable scientists, researchers and students with different background and diverse geographies will realize the true potential of India. NKN will catalyze knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer between stakeholders seamlessly-that too across the nation and globally. The benefits of NKN are expected to go beyond the urban elitist groups, as the ambiance created by NKN is ubiquitous and globally unique. NKN will encourage the research and educational institutions to create national intellectual assets. NKN is designed to inspire innovation and engage the researchers in the development of technologies that uplift the quality of human life. Besides, NKN will enable use of specialized applications, which allow sharing of high-performance computing facilities, e-libraries, virtual classrooms, and very large data bases

NKN Design

  • To build a scalable network, which can expand both in the Reach (spread in the country) and Speed
  • To be a common Network Backbone like national highway, wherein different categories of users shall be supported.

NKN Topology

Features of NKN

  • High Capacity, Highly Scalable Backbone
  • Provide Quality of Service (QoS) and Security
  • Wide Geographical Coverage
  • Common Standard Platform
  • Bandwidth from Many NLD's
  • Highly Reliable & Available by Design
  • Test beds (for various implementation)

Major applications of NKN

  • Country wide class rooms
  • Agriculture
  • Telemedicine
  • E - Governance
  • Grid Computing and many more

Benefits of NKN

  • Computational Resource Access
  • Critical Mass of Scientists in Key Areas
  • Common Country-wide Classrooms
  • Increased Peer Group Interaction
  • Data Bases Sharing Online

C-DAC's role in NKN

All the centres of C-DAC are connected by high speed bandwidth to NKN Network. C-DAC's GARUDA Netowrk will be part of NKN.C-DAC and its partners are sharing resourses which are integrated to GARUDA Grid middleware.