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EMR and Telemedicine Solution

'telmeCare' provides facility to create Electronic Medical Record of patients for tele-consultation from specialty hospital to understaffed remote hospitals and rural villages using information and communication technologies. It is well suited for providing specialty care to under-served and rural communities in early detection of disease, diagnosis and follow-up consultations of patients in remote areas.


Telemedicine Software deployment Scenarios

Static Telemedicine Systems

The telemedicine software is deployed at State Data Centre of Kerala and accessed across 43 hospitals like Regional Cancer Centre - Trivandrum, Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology - Trivandrum, Medical College Hospitals, General Hospitals, District Hospitals, Taluk Hospitals, Primary Health Centres and Community Health Centres across the Kerala state.

Mobile Telemedicine Units

The telemedicine software is also deployed in various Mobile Telemedicine units across the Kerala state.


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