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Prakriti Vichaya

Prakriti (constitution) is a unique concept of Ayurveda that seeks to explain the element of individuality by expressing the unique trait of an individual that is defined by the specific and permanent composition of their Dosha (primary elements) at conception. Prakriti plays an important role in the prevention,diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Prakriti on the physical level is 'Dosha Prakriti' and on the psychological level is 'Maanas Prakriti'. Prakriti assessment is part of a ten-point system of evaluation of an individual and helps the physician to suggest a proper diet and lifestyle to maintain an optimum state of health. It is also important for diagnosis and selection of drugs for specific treatment.

'Dhaatusaarataa' assessment defines the status of the Dhaatu (basic tissues). It is interpreted as excellent (Saara) and deprived (Asaara). Based on the assessment, a physician can isolate the probable diseases and can suggest the treatment.


The Prakriti Vichaya module of AyuSoft covers the above three applications as:

Dosha Prakriti Maanas Prakriti Dhaatusaarataa



Extensive questionnaire specific to age group and gender. It covers history, anatomical, physiological, psychological assessment with practical options to each question


Validation of Tool:

Validated tool through multi-centric national level trials



Subgroups specific quantitative analysis for better understanding of constitution parameters



Assesses the physical and psychological constitution based on which the diet and lifestyle advice is suggested. It also facilitates the examination of Dhaatusaarataa

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