Augmented Reality: MARS Framework

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ARCLib Framework:

The AR framework named ARCLib is an Android based AR application development framework for Android application developers. The framework consists Java libraries for development of basic to advanced AR applications for Android devices. The main features of MARCO are:

The library is specially customized for Android devices.

Mobile Augmented Reality Context aware Learning (MARCEL) framework:

Augmented Reality enabled Learning Framework is suite of tools for developing applications for education and learning domain. The tools are developed using technologies like html5, advanced JavaScript technologies like node.js with NoSQL database, that make them cloud friendly. The Learning Framework consists of two platform and device independent tools namely authoring tool and application manager.

Authoring tool:

Authoring tool enables the user to upload or manage contents and link the content with markers. The content marker associations created using authoring tool can be used in the development of any AR related applications. The type of contents supporting are 2D file formats like .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .png and 3D file formats like .obj and .3ds.

Application manager:

The Application manager tool is used to create, modify and delete the inputs required for Applications like AR Book, AR board and AR Game.