Industrial Vision Sensor

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Brief Description

Industrial Vison Sensor (IVIS) is an industrial smart camera, which has a CMOS image sensor and a powerful on- board processing system capable of supporting Machine Vision applications. IVIS is capable of extracting application-specific information from the captured images and make decisions based on the image processing algorithms implemented on the system, to realize stand-alone intelligent and decision-making automation system.

Features & Specifications

  • Indigenous Hardware and Software system for automated inspection and identification applications

  • 10G GigE Vision compliant configuration

  • Scalable and Hardware customization option to support high speed and next-generation industrial vision applications

  • Supports AI based applications employing ML and DL techniques


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Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information

Mr. Titus A Chazhoor

Group Head, Control & Instrumentation Group,
C-DAC, Thiruvananthapuram