TARANG Digital Programmable Hearing Aid

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TARANG is a feature rich state-of-the-art Digital Programmable Hearing Aid which is provided at an affordable price.

TARANG uses sophisticated Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques based on indigenously developed NAADA Application Specific Integration Circuit, thus offering superior and stable characteristics over a wider dynamic range.

TARANG Hearing Aids are now available in two models:


TARANG Hearing Aids have a low cost of ownership and maintenance. The Body Worn version works on a single, easily available rechargeable Ni-MH battery having a long operating time which makes it very economical. Behind-the-Ear model uses a Zn-Air battery.

Main features of the TARANG Hearing Aid are:

  • Fully Digital hearing system.
  • Superior sound and noise free output for optimum listening.
  • Rugged and durable design.
  • User friendly design.
  • Programmable Gain and compression thresholds
  • Multiple listening programs for the user to choose depending on the situation.
  • Tele-coil support.
  • In-situ programming capability.
  • Notification beeps.
  • Easily available batteries.

TARANG has to be customized by an Audiologist according to the individual's hearing loss, using SHRUTHI, a PC based programming platform, to provide near normal hearing to the patient.

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How to procure and use the Tarang Hearing Aid:

TARANG Hearing Aid can be ordered through the website by clicking on the "Buy Tarang" button and choosing the desired model. Order can be placed by filling up the form and making the payment.

The TARANG Hearing Aids provided are not pre-programmed and have to be programmed prior to use.

After receipt of the product, the customer should visit any of the authorised Clinics to get the Hearing Aid programmed*.

The Hearing Aid can be programmed at clinics in the following cities.

  1. New Delhi
  2. Mumbai
  3. Bengaluru
  1. Mysuru
  2. Thiruvananthapuram

*Programming charges are applicable.

Contact:- Phone: 0471- 2723333 Ext. 243; Email: tarang@cdac.in


Tarang Hearing Aid is now available with our ToT partner M/s KELTRON.

The Tarang Hearing Aid can be purchased from the website www.kelebuy.com or through the link below: