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DISAAA: Development of an Integrated Solution for Automatic Assessment of Autism using Visual Attention, Facial Expression and Vocal emotion cues

DISAAA is an Automatic Assessment Tool for Autism based on Visual Attention (both Attention Analysis and Eye Gaze), Facial Expression Recognition and Vocal Emotion Recognition using Artificial Intelligence (AI) based latest techniques like Deep Learning.

DISAAA is based on Machine Learning algorithms for accurate quantification of intensity (degree) of attention, expression and emotion for basic prototypic expressions.

Also stimulus for intervention program for training of children with Autism is within the core designing of the solution.

DISAAA is deployable for special schools with Autism children.

Use Cases
  • Autism screening android app for early screening of Autism
  • DISAAA as an automatic computerized solution for assessment of Autism
Salient Features
  • Unique registration ID for assessment of ASD child
  • Stimuli based response capture
  • AI based score generation of ISAA parameters
  • Visualization tool for understanding of the score
  • Report generation 

Technical Specifications

  • Autism screening app in android version
  • DISAAA assessment as standalone version
  • Easy user interface



Platform Required (if any)

  • Autism screening app in android
  • DISAAA assessment in Windows OS version 10 and above


Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information

Advanced Signal Processing Group

Email: kunal.chanda[at]cdac[dot]in; joyanta.basu[at]cdac[dot]in