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Go Translate – GIST Online Translation Framework (Website localization)

Go Translate Framework is a centralized system for community participation in localization process. It can be used to translate website(s) dynamically / on the fly just by the click of a button. It enables crowd and translators to contribute and update the translations. In order to translate/post-edit, various MT systems are also integrated to aid the crowd and translator in contributing the translations. The crowd and translators also can make use of the virtual keyboard to edit or contribute a new translation.

There is no need of changing anything in the source code of the websites. So it becomes easier and hassle free for website owners to make their content available in local languages by using Go Translate.

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a. Figure:- English web page

b. Figure:- English web page translated in Hindi by Go-Translate

c. Figure:- Contribution feature for community participation.

d. Figure:- Floating keyboard.

Salient Features
  • Centralized System for crowd based as well as authentic user contribution in localisation process
  • Single click website translation
  • Easy to Use and Light weight download at client side
  • Virtual Keyboard for Indian Language Inputting
  • Browser support – Chrome and Mozilla
  • Also available in the form of API to be integrated directly on web pages
  • Provide Indian language content for reuse and further NLP processing

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