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VIVIDHA: Variant Analysis & Visualization Interface for Dynamic High- Throughput Application

  • With the increasing size of datasets, there is a dire need to develop scalable and cost-effective methodologies for variant calling
  • VIVIDHA is based on distribution of mapped files (BAM/SAM) into several overlapping chunks to enable fast computation without compromising on the quality of the called variants
  • Several callers have been employed on the sample dataset and a consensus strategy is used to arrive at the 'optimal set of variants'
  • VIVIDHA enables variant discovery in low-coverage data and reduce the overall 'False Discovery Rate'
  • VIVIDHA has been developed using map-reduce on Hadoop where in data is stored in a distributed manner using HDFS


Platform Required (if any)

Apache Hadoop platform


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HPC-MBA (High Performance Computing – Medical and Bioinformatics Applications) Group
Email: rajendra[at]cdac[dot]in
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