C-DAC Adjunct Engineer - Quantum Computing

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Name of Post CAE - 1 (8 years and above experience )
Specialization/ Domain C-DAC Adjunct Engineer - Quantum Computing
No. of Requirements 3
Job Location Pune/Bengaluru/Hyderabad/Noida/Patna
Desired Educational Qualification and specialization B. E. / B. Tech/ME/ M. Tech. in Comp/IT/ Electronics/ Electronics & Telecommunication/communication/Electrical/ Electrical & Electronics
First Class Post Graduate Degree in Science or Domain, in relevant Discipline
Post Qualification relevant Experience 8 Years and above
Max Age 57 years at the time of the submission of application
Desired Skill Sets Should have a solid foundation in quantum mechanics principles, encompassing quantum states, gates, entanglement, measurement, and algorithms, is imperative. Additionally, a strong mathematical background, spanning linear algebra, complex analysis, probability theory, and calculus, is vital for dissecting quantum algorithms and systems. Familiarity with quantum algorithms like Shor's and Grover's, as well as quantum programming languages such as Qiskit and Cirq, is essential for exploring quantum computing's potential. Knowledge of diverse quantum hardware platforms and software development skills are indispensable. Understanding quantum error correction techniques and possessing research experience in quantum computing showcase dedication and capability. Problem-solving prowess, collaboration, effective communication, analytical thinking, and adaptability are key attributes for thriving in this dynamic and pioneering field. Proficiency in programming languages like Python, C++, or others is crucial for implementing hybrid quantum-classical algorithms and conducting simulations is essential.
Proposed Job Profile As a Quantum Computing expert, candidate should be at the forefront of cutting-edge research and development in the field of quantum computing with a desirable knowledge of HPC. The primary responsibility will be to design, analyze, and optimize quantum algorithms for various computational tasks, explore quantum error correction techniques, and investigate the potential of quantum machine learning and quantum simulations. Additionally, need to collaborate with cross-functional teams, including physicists, computer scientists, and engineers, to translate theoretical advancements into practical implementations on quantum hardware. The candidate for the position should possess a strong theoretical background in quantum mechanics, quantum algorithms, and quantum information theory. They should be well-versed in quantum programming languages such as Qiskit, Cirq, or Quipper, as well as classical programming languages like Python and C++. Additionally, the candidate should have substantial research experience in quantum computing and algorithm/use-case development, demonstrated through publications and notable contributions to the field. Familiarity with quantum error correction, quantum simulation, and quantum machine learning would be advantageous in exploring the full potential of quantum computing.
Consolidated Pay Per Month As per the industry standards based on qualification, experience, expertise, role etc.
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