Nurturing the Living Languages

WHEN ONE THINKS OF INDIAN LANGUAGES, ONE THINKS OF GIST. We THE Language People have put Indian Languages on the map of digital computing. With over 20 years of pioneering Research in Language Technology, GIST has to its credit several innovative products and cutting edge technology which have revolutionized computing and made GIST synonymous with Indian Language Computing.

Our areas of Research are impressive and cover the full gamut of computing: Natural Language Processing tools (such as spell and grammar checkers, lemmatisers, natural query), Search plug-in’s, Semantic Web, Video Technologies, fonts technology, expert writing systems, image processing (Optical Character and Handwritten character Recognition), Speech Processing, Embedded and Mobile Computing to name only a few.

Committed to nurturing Languages of India, GIST Research Labs have produced an exciting range of products and are the leaders in Natural Language Processing.

Today GIST technologies forms an integral part of mission critical activities of various organizations. Mindful of the social function of computing the GIST technologies also powers the National initiatives especially meant for masses in the areas of e-Governance, education, agriculture, health, banking and communication and so on. GIST has always been at the forefront of the standardization initiative and provides expertise to National as well as to International bodies such as BIS, ICANN, W3C, and Unicode.

True to our motto: Dissolving Language Barriers we strive to reach out to place the power of computing in the hands of the people of India.

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