C-DAC Centre @ Kolkata

About Centre:

C-DAC, Kolkata formerly known as ER&DCI, Calcutta, is one of the constituent units of C-DAC. It is a National Centre of Excellence in pioneering application oriented Research, Design and Development in Electronics, Information Technology and associated areas.

C-DAC, Kolkata is an ISO 9001:2008 certified R&D Centre for the Design, Development, Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Turnkey Implementation, Maintenance, Customer Support, Consultancy and Transfer of Technology of Products and Systems in the area of Electronics and Information Technology. This certification is based on the audit conducted by STQC (DeitY), accredited by RvA, Netherlands, facilitating international validity for the ISO 9001:2008 certification.

The technology development initiatives of the Centre are focused in the areas of Agri & Environmental Electronics, Knowledge & Perception Engineering, Image Processing, Face Recognition, Software Technologies, Health Informatics, Speech Processing, Information Security, Language Technology, Social Empowerment of Masses through IT, Digitization of Heritage assets, IT Systems & Services and related emerging areas.

In the area of Agro-Electronics , Electronic Nose-Tongue-Vision (ENTV) based applications being pursued at Kolkata. Alpha version of integrated Electronic nose and vision system for tea delivered to clients. The ENV systems provide the industries / institutes a non-invasive method for objective assessment tea quality, based on the new technology.

Language Computing : Centre is working on Machine Translation system with Angla-Bharati approach for Bangla and Nepali and in the Speech recognition system, a prosody model for Bangla. Centre is also working on Speech Consortia.

The activities of Software Technologies include Software Solutions for Social Welfare & Education, Data Warehousing & Data Mining, Web ERP Technologies & Solutions, Heritage Computing: Digital Preservation and Knowledge Engineering & Health Care Solution. Advanced Image Processing (AIP) section is engaged in research in the field of Image Processing and Pattern Recognition. The section also develops products for particularly govt. agencies. The AIP section has collaborations and networking with academic and industrial research institutes as well as different industries of India and abroad.

C-DAC Kolkata has expertise core competencies in speech synthesis, automatic speech and speaker recognition and resource creation. The centre has developed Bengali, Nepali and Mizo text to speech synthesizers based on ESNOLA method. Further advancement is achieved by incorporating prosody into synthesizer to meet naturalness. Indo-Japan collaboration on Prosody modelling in TTS has been successfully carried out. C-DAC, Kolkata is one of the active members of DeitY-TTS Consortium. C-DAC, Kolkata is developing Festival based Text to Speech synthesizers both for Bangla and Indian English. Further building of HMM-based Speech Synthesis System for Bangla and Indian English is also going on. C-DAC, Kolkata is a member of U-STAR (Universal Speech Translation Advanced Research) Consortium which is currently co-ordinated by NICT, Japan.

ICT & Services Group at C-DAC Kolkata is engaged in Research, Development and Engineering projects. Development of advanced ICT products & solutions mostly in the social applications domain is the outcome of these projects. The group also executes projects on advanced ICT services. The in-house ICT Systems Infrastructure including Computer Networks, Centralised Servers & Information Security System are also maintained, managed and regularly upgraded by this group. ICT training courses under "Advanced Computing Training School" (ACTS) are also managed by this group. All the activities of this group are aimed to use ICT expertise towards building e-Society of the future. While Language interfaces including Handwriting recognition extend the reach of ICT, we all now work and live in "Networked" environments which are very often "Mobile" and need to be e-"Secured".

The Main technology areas of the ICT & Services group are:

  • Natural Language Processing and Language Technology.
  • Handwriting Recognition and Human Body Emission Studies.
  • Information Security (including Cyber Forensics), Networking & FOSS.
  • Mobile and Smart Card Technology.

Advanced ICT training includes some project mode training/awareness programs funded by Government of India specially in the areas related to technical, forensics and techno-legal aspect of cyber-crime.