Sentence Analyser & Translation Tools

CDAC, Kolkata Language processing team is working in Development of Bangla Sentence Analyser, targeting mainly Bangla to English and Bangla to other Indian Languages translation.

Web page Translator

The System can translate any English web page to Bangla by keeping original format intact.

On-Line English to Bangla Dictionary

The System shows all the information for a given English root word, like all the parts-of speech information and their meaning, their semantics etc.

Bangla Sentence Analyzer

To develop Bangla to other language(s) translation system (Pseudo Lingua based) CDAC,Kolkata is developing a Parser for Bangla Language with the following subsystems in place:

  • Workbench for generation of linguistic resources
  • Bangla Morphological Analyzer and Synthesizer
  • Bangla shallow parser with limited set of rules

Indian Language -Indian Language Script Converter

  • System accepts Indian Language text input on-line
  • System produce output in user selected Indian language script
  • System supports 12 Indian languages

Transliteration Editor

  • System can transliterate any input text from English to any Indian language.
  • System provides more than one transliterated output.
  • User can select any other output from the suggestion list.
  • System supports 12 Indian languages.

All the systems are Unicode enabled & Online keyboard supported.

Bangla Grammar Checker

  • System automatically detect and correct post-positional and nominal inflectional errors occur in Bangla sentence.
  • System provides the grammar correction complexity measure at the time of correcting errors.
  • System provides relevant examples for any correction.

All the systems are Unicode enabled & Online keyboard supported.

Bangla Verb Semantic Analyser

  • Expectation and compatibility analysis of Bangla Verbs and Nouns.