Zigbee enabled LED Luminaire with Occupancy Control

Zigbee enabled LED Luminaire with Occupancy Control

Brief Description

A Zigbee controlled dimmable LED luminaire (ZLED) developed for providing energy efficient illumination in buildings. Each ZLED luminaire has a Passive Infrared sensor (PIR), Zigbee End Device, LED driver board and DC supply. PIR sensor senses the occupancy status. UbiMote (Zigbee End Device) controls the LED operation through the LED driver based on the command received wirelessly from Wingz Gateway or can be controlled independently.

Main uses and domain

Lighting solution for Smart Buildings

Features and Technical Specifications

  1. Wireless control of luminaire using Zigbee
  2. Thermally stable LED luminaire
  3. Energy savings with occupancy based control

Platform required(if any)


ZLED is available in two size variants:

1. ZLED (Size: 2x2)


2. ZLED(Size:4x1)


Deployment snapshot of ZLED (2x2)


Deployment snapshot of ZLED (4x1)

Deployment 1


Deployment 2

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