M-Kavach - Mobile Device Security Solution

M-Kavach is a comprehensive mobile device security solution for Android devices addressing various threats related to mobile phones. It addresses threats related to misuse of resources such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera & Mobile Data by preventing unauthorized access to these resources and protects against JavaScript Malware. Users can restrict the access to critical applications like mobile wallets, media apps etc and also block unwanted Calls & SMS. It also helps the users in tracking SIM card changes on the device in case of device loss/theft and provides an option to remotely wipe Contacts/Call-Logs & Factory Reset the device.


  1. Restricted access to critical applications
  2. Hardware resource control in terms of access to WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera and MobileData
  3. Intimates unauthorized SIM changes to trusted mobile number through SMS
  4. Remote wipe of Contacts & Call-Logs using SMS
  5. Option to Factory Reset the device remotely using SMS
  6. Blocks unwanted Calls & SMS
  7. Easy backup & restore
  8. Protects against JavaScript Malware

Supported Android Versions

Android Version 4.4 , 5.0 ,5.1 and 6.x


We are updating the application. Would be available in the play store soon.

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