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The revolutionary changes in technologies brought the scientific and engineering communities to embrace grid technology. The new scientific applications are having challenging demands of data, computing power, instrumentation intensive science and importance for collaboration. Major initiatives are underway worldwide, aimed variously, at supporting major science and grid research projects, developing and facilitating grid technologies. The technology improvements with collaborative science enabled by quasi-ubiquitous internet, drives the grid technology to offer a Global Cyber Infrastructure on which new scientific and engineering research can be pursued with increased efficiency.


C-DAC launched the Indian National Grid Computing Initiative - GARUDA, with a vision to facilitate solutions to scientific, engineering and socio-economic development. GARUDA is a collaboration of scientific and technological researchers on a nation wide grid comprising of computational nodes, mass storage and scientific instruments. The aim is to provide the technological advances required to enable data and compute intensive science and engineering applications for the 21st Century. One of GARUDA's most important challenges is to strike the right balance between researchers, and deployment of the innovation into complex scientific and engineering endeavors undertaken today.

The Department of Information Technology (DIT), Government of India has funded the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) to deploy the nation-wide computational grid 'GARUDA' which will connect 17 cities across the country, with an aim to bring "Grid" networked computing to research labs and industry. A total of 45 institutions have been connected during the Proof of Concept phase of Garuda.

The following are the various technology components of GARUDA :

Grid Middleware Engineering


Grid Applications

Grid Users

Grid Infrastructure

The Indian Grid Certification Authority(IGCA) provides X.509 certificates to support the secure environment in grid computing. IGCA is an accredited member of the APgridPMA (Asia Pacific Grid Policy Management Authority) for Grid Authentication. IGCA is located at Centre For Development of Advanced Computing(C-DAC), Knowledge Park, Bangalore, India.

We issue User Certificates and Host Certificates to users of GARUDA Grid, Foreign collaborators or institutes related to Grid research and scientific collaborations from India.

The IGCA is operated by Garuda Grid Operation Centre

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