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CerviSCAN - Automated Solution for Screening of Cervical Cancer using AI, Robotics and Cloud Technologies

One Indian woman dies of cervical cancer every 8 minutes. It is one of the few cancers where precursors of the cancer can be detected, treated and cured much before progressing into invasive cancer. Absence of systematic PAP smear screening programs and lack of trained cytologists is the major cause of cervical cancer deaths in the country.

CerviSCAN is an indigenized, complete ecosystem for screening of cervical cancer using methodologies of AI, Robotics and Cloud Technologies which makes population screening for Cervical Cancer feasible. Through CerviSCAN, a suite of 7 products are developed which automates the screening workflow right from preparation of cervical smear to AI assisted diagnosis.
The System has been validated on on over 10,000 Patient cases across 4 premium cancer care centres of the country (1)ICMR-NICPR, Noida (2)Regional Cancer Centre, Thiruvananthapuram (3)Dr.BBCI, Guwahati and (4)ABV-Regional Cancer Centre, Agarthala.

CerviSCAN reduces screening cost significantly and improves the screening efficiency of human expert.

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Cervical cancer caused 2,80,000 deaths annually worldwide. More than 70,000 of these occur in India. Absence of systematic PAP screening programs coupled with highly skewed ratio of trained cytologists in relation to huge population of our country makes it leading cause of cancer deaths in the India

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