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Deriving Radical Ayurvedic Solutions for Health & Treatment Advice



  • India has a rich heritage in traditional medicinal systems like Ayurveda.
  • A Holistic time tested Indian system of healing
  • A Complete system for restoring, maintaining and enhancing health
  • Advocates use of natural healing methods tailored to the individual
  • Advocates preventive and promotive measures through diet, lifestyle and Medicines as customized therapy

On the whole, Ayurveda maintains the body in a balanced state of health using natural cures.


Need for software for Ayurveda?

  • The domain is vast and spread across various ancient texts
  • In-depth analysis of domain knowledge with integrated multidimensional view
  • Language factor a big barrier
  • Unbiased authentic understanding and its applications in clinical practice is required


What is missing today?

  • Software based on fundamental principles of Ayurveda
  • Most systems focus on single area in the domain like plants database or medical formulations
  • Well-organized digitalization of basic, widely practiced and globally known Ayurveda compendia with a search engine
  • Diagnostic software based on holistic approach for clinical practice
  • A Range of products targeting at end users with heterogeneous needs
  • Harnessing ancient wisdom with emerging technologies

AyuSoft is a vision of converting classical Ayurvedic texts into comprehensive, authentic, intelligent and interactive knowledge repositories with complex analytical tools.


Wide range of applications of AyuSoft:

  • Constitution (Physiological and Psychological) and Tissue Quality Assessment
  • Disease Diagnostics & Treatment
  • Diet & Lifestyle Advice
  • Personal Information Management System
  • Multimedia based Encyclopedia
  • Textual & Graphical Analytical Report Tool

Target End-users include Hospitals, Practitioners & Researchers.


Various flavours of AyuSoft:

  • Shrink-wrapped products
  • Integrated solution for Intranet
  • Web-based integrated solution


Cutting-edge Features:

  • Integrated system offering multiple interconnected applications under the same umbrella
  • Systematic examination tool as per classical Ayurvedic guidelines
  • Investigations, Case Analysis etc. according to practical clinical needs and research challenges
  • A High End Query Database with Multidimensional search utility
  • System addressing heterogeneous needs of various user categories like Hospitals, Practitioners, Researchers
  • Offers human expert analysis with human-independent analysis
  • Applications as well as data can be plugged into AyuSoft to help you customize the tool to your specific needs aided by automated data loading and customized textual and graphical report generation capabilities
  • Development team consists of IT professionals and Ayurveda experts of national as well as international repute


Collaborating agencies of AyuSoft are:

  • Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Pune, India
  • Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences, University of Pune, Pune, India
  • Department of Ayurveda, University of Pune, Pune, India
  • Jnana Prabodhini, NGO, Pune, India


Thus AyuSoft is:

  • Pioneering Multidimensional Effort for Indian Traditional Medicinal system.
  • End-to-end medical solutions based on traditional medicines at your fingertips
  • With AyuSoft your health decisions are expected to be more informed, more accurate and quicker.

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