C-DAC’s Toolkit For SNOMED CT

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  • Provides Java API library for adding SNOMED CT support in any Java based application
  • Automates database and lucene index creation from the SNOMED CT standard release files
  • Supports Apache Lucene based full-text search
  • Provides term suggestions, text based searches, lookup, explore, concept relationships, SNOMED CT to ICD-10 mapping, simple map, DISB, etc.
  • Enables searching within the SNOMED CT reference sets and national extensions
  • Enables searching with multiple semantic tag
  • Enables search capability by limiting search in descendent concepts of parent concept(s)

CSNOLib Package contains:

  • Jar files
  • Sample codes
  • User/Configuration manual


  • Ready to call Representational State Transfer (REST) API layer exposed as web service
  • Deployable over web/application server
  • Service can be readily deployed along with application or centrally by the user for one or more products/deployment
  • Easy configuration to access Drug Information Service Bundle (DISB)

CSNOServ Package contains:

  • Application Web Archive (WAR)
  • User/Configuration manual


  • Easy to embed JQuery based control
  • Enables application developer add support of SNOMED CT in JAVA/.NET/PHP based applications
  • Can be used with any existing textbox on web-form or new development as required
  • Provide SNOMED CT search facility with best matching suggestions
  • Easy integration of SNOMED CT to ICD-10 mapping in healthcare applications

CSNOCtrl Package contains:

  • Javascript and CSS files
  • Images
  • Demonstration page
  • User/Configuration manual


  • Provides full-text and language assisted search on SNOMED CT repository
  • Provides progressive type-ahead, search by semantic tag, component status
  • Rich user interface with pictorial representation of relation between concepts
  • Enables refset tab to view imported reference sets
  • Semantic tag based search results categorization
  • Provides facility to explore SNOMED CT concepts for study/research
  • CSNOFinder can be readily deployed along with application or centrally by the user for one or more products/deployments

CSNOFinder Package contains:

  • Application Web Archive(WAR)
  • User/Configuration manual

CSNOFinder Installer Package contains:

  • Executable file for multiple Operating System
  • Installation Guide


  • OpenJDK 11
  • Apache Tomcat 10.0 or above
  • SNOMED International SNOMED CT release files