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'eSanjeevani', is a web-based comprehensive telemedicine solution. It is modeled on ‘Sanjeevani’ C-DAC Mohali’s' flagship integrated telemedicine solution. 'eSanjeevani' extends the reach of specialized healthcare services to masses in both rural areas and isolated communities. Besides enhancing quality of medical services, addressing issues pertaining to uneven distribution and shortage of infrastructural as well as human resources, eSanjeevani also aims to make healthcare services equitable by bridging the digital divide that exists between the urban vs. rural, rich vs. poor etc. eSanjeevani can also be used to provide medical education to interns , people across various Common Service Centers (CSCs), etc.

eSanjeevani is a platform independent, browser-based application facilitating both doctor-to-doctor and patient-to-doctor tele-consultations. It has a user friendly GUI and has been developed on .Net technology using 3.5 framework with MS-SQL as the database. It provides the ease of accessing the health records at the comforts of one's home. The application is based on invite-system which restricts it to the actual beneficiaries of the application. It has a user-friendly interface which facilitates both tech savvy and novice doctors/users in the rural and urban environment to access the application. The application also has advanced degree of security against unwanted elements.

Launched by Union Minister
eSanjeevani, was launched by the Honorable Minister of State (Communications and Information Technology) Sh. Sachin Pilot at Department of Information Technology, New Delhi on 16th June 2009. Sh. Sachin Pilot highlighted the need to have a telemedicine network at rural areas and how beneficial eSanjeevani can be in providing primary healthcare across the Indian region.

Key Features

MIS-based application
eSanjeevani has strong administrative abilities to manage the users of the application. Regular alerts in terms of memory usage, invites, blocked users etc. help keep the users updated. It has been designed as a highly customizable and flexible application for the users to choose from the varied specialties such as tele-ophthalmology, tele-cardiology etc. and functionalities. The users can choose the desired specialists and hospitals for tele-consultation as per their requirements. Various logs are maintained to record user activity.

Comprehensive Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
eSanjeevani's EMR includes demographic and other patient data like clinical examination reports, physical examination reports along with patient's medical history, family's medical history, etc. eSanjeevani also enables import and export of complete patient record including images, files etc.

eSanjeevani provides tele-consultation facility using both 'store and forward' and 'real-time' mode. In a 'store and forward' mode, the users can choose the doctors in the specialized area for the diagnosis and send the selected/ entire EMR for consultation. For 'real-time' consultation, video conferencing facility is provided to the user to connect to the doctor.

Video Conferencing
The web based video conferencing enables doctors to have a video/audio conversation with the consulting medical experts at remote end. Doctors can also exchange clinical information along with the radiographs for a detailed discussion. Online text based chat facility has also been provisioned.

eSanjeevani caters to numerous medical specialties, these include

In eSanjeevani, these specialties are designed with thorough discussion with tertiary level healthcare institutions.

Reporting & Graphical Tools
eSanjeevani provides its users the facility of generating and viewing various reports including the doctor's prescription. These reports help depict the overall health status of the patient for hard copy reports. The medical history of the various physiological parameters such as blood pressure, glucose, etc. can be presented graphically for an easy view and analysis.

Appointment Scheduler
The users of eSanjeevani can seek appointments with specialists depending on their availability. The appointments can be scheduled as (a) Online: which enables audio/video conferencing with the specialist and (b) Offline: where patient can visit the doctor at his clinic/ hospital for a one-to-one interaction. Users may also view the doctors' availability status.

eSanjeevani is interoperable with all the eHealth applications at HIE Division. It also complies with international standards including:

  1. DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine)
  2. TWAIN (Technology without an Interesting Name)

Medical Equipment Interface
'eSanjeevani' provides an interface with a wide range of diagnostic/ medical equipment. Output of each of the medical peripherals is directly acquired by eSanjeevani. Some of the medical diagnostic equipment interfaced with eSanjeevani include ECG machine, digital slit lamp, digital microscope, medical film scanner, etc.

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