Indian Embroidery



Under the thematic area of Heritage Computing, Bharateeya Embroidery is C-DAC Mohali’s initiative to preserve the heritage of traditional embroideries of India. As India is large country enriched with traditions and customs of different states and of different peoples. Today in race of modernization we are forgetting our roots. Similar thing to happening to the Indian embroideries, which are a base to all the textile and fashion industries and markets, but today traditional embroideries are nearing extinction.



  • To make available all the information regarding Indian Embroidery on a single portal.
  • To provide tutorials regarding each and every embroidery techniques, types of threads to be used, and texture of clothes and colors
  • To provide an e-Gallery .This will give original patterns and motifs of different traditional embroideries. It will also provide blue print of pattern for download to trace design on clothes and do embroideries.
  • To develop an online application for both, amateurs and professionals, involved in Fashion designing.
  • Our web tools will provide motifs, patterns, and implementation of designs on a variety of cloth textures, default options for designs on various types of cloths, draping & drafting and texture mapping according to the physique and psyche of individuals. A fashion designer can utilize this website to create faster and more accurate designs, using various embroideries and embellishments. The website would also suggest ideal color combinations. There would be built-in functions for drapery, repeats and coloring in this website.
  • It will also provide a different platform to discuss about different embroideries, its techniques and many more things. Forum will be moderated type as there will be admin check for all information that will publish on web.
  • It will be connected to social networking websites as well.

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