"Windows Based Punjabi Editor with Spell Checker": The Project is a Punjabi word processor with Spell Checker under MS-Windows. It has similar capabilities & Desktop as MS Word. The main dictionary contains approximately 40,000 Punjabi words. User can also add new words into his own dictionary. The tool used for developing this software package is Visual C++ 6.0.


Why Sampadak

  • Provides easy to use, familiar windows graphical user interface
  • Open multiple documents for modifications.
  • Punjabi Typewriter style keyboard.
  • Three Punjabi fonts provided with the software.
  • Supports all Standard Windows Fonts.
  • Add a new word to the dictionary. Ignore the word. Change the word.
  • Having two dictionaries:
    1. Internal Dictionary (40,000 Punjabi Words approx.)
    2. User Updatable Dictionary
System Requirements
  • 486 or faster processor
  • 32 MB RAM CD-ROM drive Hard disk with 5 MB space
  • Microsoft Windows 95, Windows NT/2000/XP/ME
System Requirements
  • Insert the software CD into the CDROM drive or Run SETUP.EXE file in case of download.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Browse to WINDOWS / FONTS directory and press F5.
  • Run the application from Programs ---> DEMO