Aquaculture Automation System (AcAS)

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Brief Description

Aquaculture Automation System is an autonomous unit equipped to monitor the status and control the various pond parameters. AcAS unit helpsto improve the quality of products, enhance water management,productivity in terms of the use of resources, and reduces the environmental impact. AcAS offers remote monitoring of the fish farming system based on Internet of Things (IOT) for real-time monitor and control of a fish farming system. It ensures pragmatic and affordable automated control systems for aquaculture. The AcAS unit has features like IEEE 802.11b WiFi, GSM with remote mode, high-speed USB interface, Optional Zigbee interface and configurable Rs232/ Rs485. The AcASunit embeds freeRTOS to augment the system for real-time applications.

Features & Specifications

  • Easy mountable compact design

  • Single 12V power supply operation

  • Configurable 20parameter control

  • Manual, Auto, Timer and Remote mode of operation.

  • EmbedsFreeRTOS

  • Almost any sensor can be interfaced

  • 5" TFT touch GUI interface

Communication Interfaces

  • Two RS232 / One RS485 / One FTDI USB interface.

  • One IEEE 802.11bWifi interface

  • One Zigbee interface

  • One GSM interface

User Interface

  • Graphical LCD with 5 inch touch display

  • Onboard Parameter configurator

  • Inbuilt HMI for sensor parameter display

  • Parameter wise control STRT /STOP

  • Plugin module ENABLE/DISABLE configuration

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Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information

Mr. Titus A Chazhoor

Group Head, Control & Instrumentation Group,
C-DAC, Thiruvananthapuram