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Brief Description


AC chargers as per Bharat EV AC Charger (BEVC- AC001) specifications and AIS-138 standards. Chargers are customisable to address various customer requirements.










Key Features

  • Three single phase output of 3.3 kW from each socket

  • RFID based user authentication

  • Phase cycling for optimum usage of grid power

  • Wired/wireless connectivity for integration with CMS

  • IEC 60309 output connector compatibility

  • Ground and Temperature fault detection

  • Ingress Protection: IP 54


  • Unmanned Public Charging Stations

  • Manned Charging Stations

  • Residential Charging Stations

ToT Options

  • Three/Single output 3.3kW single phase AC charger with/without Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment - Communication and User Interface (EVSE-CUI)


Product Specification
Energy Transfer Mode Conductive
Input Requirements
AC Supply System Three-Phase, 5 Wire AC system (3Ph.+N+PE)
Nominal Input voltage 415V (+6% and -10%) as per IS 12360
Input Frequency 50Hz, ± 1.5Hz
Ambient Temperature Range 0 to 55
IP Ratings  IP 54
Mounting Wall / Pole /Pedestal
Number of outputs 3
Type of each output 230V (+6% and -10%) single phase, 15A at a maximum power of 3.3kW.
Output Current Three Vehicles charging simultaneously, each at 15A current
Output Connector Compatibility IEC 60309
User Interface & Display
Switches ON- OFF (Start-Stop) switches, Emergency stop switch
Visual Indicators Fault status, Presence of input / output supply, Charge process
Display 6 inches with 720 x 480 pixels
Display Messages
  • Authentication
  • Vehicle plugged in / Vehicle plugged out
  • Idle / Charging in progress
  • Fault conditions
  • Metering Information: Consumption Unit
  • Billing and Payment information
Protection and Safety

Over Current, Short Circuit, Over Voltage, Under Voltage,Ground Fault, Surge Protection, Over Temperature, Residual Current Detection

Safety mechanisms Safety and protection for India specific environment (As per AIS 138 Part1)

Temperature sensor to avoid burning of connectors

Interface between EVSE & central management System(CMS) Ethernet/GSM / Wi-Fi


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