High Speed Reconfigurable Power Electronics Controller

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Brief Description

A reconfigurable controller architecture (on FPGA) that can replace the conventional embedded micro controller/ Digital Signal Processor based controller design for real time control and monitoring of Power Electronic (PE) system. Technology developed by CDAC (T), Sponsored under NaMPET.

  • Reconfigurable hardware for various PE applications

  • Reduced processor obsolescence risk

  • FPGA independent design

  • Faster performance

  • Faster concept to system design

  • Generic board design handles a variety of PE applications









Main uses and domain

Domain: SOPC based Hardware IP Module Development

Main Uses:
Potential Application Areas

As a Digital Controller for

1. Solar MPPT Applications 2. High Frequency Inverter 3. High Performance AC Drive 4. DC Drive 5. UPS 6. DC-DC Converters 7. Multi level Inverters 8. Interleaved DC-DC Converters 9. Cyclo Converters 10. Matrix Converters 11. Smart metering 12. Power Factor Correction (PFC) 13. Power Quality Applications 14. Controller with Custom/standard Communication Protocol

Features and Technical Specifications

  • Soft processor integrated reconfigurable PE Controller

  • Application dependent processor design

  • An exclusive Power Electronics specific IPs Library (PWM generator, PI, ADC, DAC Controller, SPI, UART etc)

  • Custom made instructions/functions for PE IP Library

  • Explores the idea of Hardware parallel processing than software pipelining

  • Reduced software/coding overhead


  • How to integrate a processor IP in FPGA

  • How to develop custom IP peripheral for processor

  • How to develop POSIX compatible APIs for processor

  • How to develop real time control application in HSRPEC


  • CONTROLLER CARD: Fixed design hardware for variety of PE control applications

  • FPGA : Cyclone III EP3C25E144C8N (24,624 LEs)

  • On chip Memory : 64 kBytes (inside FPGA)

  • Flash memory : 2 MB

  • Digital I/Os : 55 Nos. (3.3-V LVTTL)

  • Host Interface : JTAG

  • Supply voltage : 3.3 V

  • INTERFACE CARD: Interface Card interfaces the controller to the Power Electronic systems

  • Analog Input : +10V (ADC 13 bit 8 Channel, SPI interface)

  • Analog Output : +3.3V (DAC 12 bit 8 channel, SPI interface)

  • Digital Input : +5 V 2 Nos.

  • Digital Output : +5 V 12 Nos.

  • Supply voltage : 12 V

Platform required(if any)


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