Ultrasonic Level Sensor

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Brief Description

Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor solution for remote level monitoring applications such as underground city sewers, unattended diesel tanks at remote sites, rivers, waterways / water reservoirs, irrigation channels etc. The sensor measures and communicates periodic data from the site for long term and on-line monitoring. The sensor also transmits immediate alerts for events such as river flood alert, sewer overflow conditions, empty or full diesel tank etc. Alerts are also available for low power supply. The level sensor module is IP68 compatible and is made up of ABS and is suitable for using in chemically aggressive environments.









Main uses and domain

  • Sewer network monitoring system

  • Dam level monitoring

  • Diesel tank level monitoring

  • Water reservoir's level monitoring

  • Overhead tank level monitoring

  • River flood monitoring

  • Ultrasonic liquid level measurement

Features and Technical Specifications


  • Immediate alert about sewage blockage and overflow conditions

  • Built in cellular modem

  • Ultrasonic level sensing

  • Battery powered for field applications

  • IP68 compatible


  • Measurement Method : Ultrasonic pulse echo

  • Measurement Range : 15cm - 6meters

  • Measurement Accuracy : ±6mm / 1% of Range

  • Measured Parameters : Distance, Level

  • Communication Interface : GPRS messages over GSM

  • Sensor : Ultrasonic transducer

  • Frequency : 40KHz

  • Power : Li-Ion Battery (3000mAh)/External (2.5V-5VDC)

  • Operating Temperature : 0℃ to 70℃

  • Enclosure material : ABS

  • Enclosure : IP68 compatible

Platform required(if any)


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Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information

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CDAC Thiruvananthapuram
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