Underwater Sonar Data Acquisition System

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Brief Description

The under water sonar data acquisition system at Under Water Ranges in Goa, first of its kind in India, measures the wake characteristics of Indian Naval ships. The system is deployed 16 kilo meters off shore at a depth of 30 meters and is the first of its kind in India. This system is designed to withstand pressure, sea water corrosion and strong underwater currents.










Main uses and domain

Underwater sonar data acquisition system is used to measure the acoustic signatures of a ship wake by analysing the reflected echo from bubble cloud .

Features and Technical Specifications

Transmit elements : 24
Receive elements: 72
Transmit pulse width: 2ms to 20ms
Receiver bandwidth: 100-400KHz
Transmit beam steering: Yes
Steering angle resolution: 1 degree
Steering angle limits: +/- 21 degree


Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information

Group Head, Strategic Electronics Group
C-DAC Thiruvananthapuram
seg@cdac.in, 0471-2727508, fax: 0471 2723456