The GARUDA Access Portal is a user-friendly web portal for submitting sequential and parallel jobs to GARUDA Grid. It also monitors the submitted jobs, provides facilities such as on-line credential management, reservation of computational nodes, file management, seamless integration of the Grid Meta Scheduler, accounting, and Facility for Partners to create and update their web pages. The following are the features of the GARUDA Access Portal tool’s recent version 1.3:


  • Job submission through Gridway and GT4 web services
  • Job monitoring, View/Download Output files, Cancellation of submitted jobs
  • Reservation of computational nodes for guaranteed - availability of resources
  • Accounting information of jobs submitted through - the Portal
  • MyProxy-based authentication to provide enhanced security
  • Listing of Available Resources in the GARUDA grid
  • Support for Virtual Organizations through - VOMS (Virtual Organization Management Service)
  • Facility for Partners to create and update their web pages


Platforms and Browsers that support Grid Portal
Linux Platform Mozilla ver. 1.6 and above.
Firefox ver. 1.0.4 and above
Windows Platform Internet Explorer ver. 6.0.2 and above.
Firefox ver. and above.
Solaris Platform Netscape ver. 6.2.3 and above.

GARUDA Access Portal

Release History

Release Major Feature(s) in the Release
Version 1.3
on 21/07/2009
This is the current release, and the features have been mentioned above
Version 1.2
on 09/05/2008
  • Job Submission through Moab Scheduler
  • Heterogeneous job submission through Globus
  • View Available Resources
  • Accounting information of the submitted jobs
  • Use Semantic Search for better selection of the available clusters
  • Supports taking executables and input files from Storage Resource Broker (SRB)
Version 1.1
on 21/02/2007
  • Supports MPICH job submission through Globus
  • Supports Multiple Application Specific Input, Output and Error files
  • Memory limit for uploading the Executable/Input files has been raised to 1GB
  • Shows only the relevant clusters for Basic Submission rather than showing all the available clusters
  • Entries have been added to FAQs. and Notices based on user input
  • Semantic Search
Version 1.0
on 24/08/2006
  • Sequential and Homogeneous Parallel Job Submission to the GARUDA Grid through Moab Grid Scheduler
  • Sequential, Homogeneous Parallel and Heterogeneous Parallel Job Submission to the GARUDA Grid through Globus middleware
    - Accepts RSL file from the user
    - Automatic creation of RSL file based on user inputs
  • Browsing available Grid resources
  • Viewing job status and output
Alpha Release
on 30/03/2005
  • Condor-G as the scheduler.
  • Static scheduling
  • Supports sequential and parallel applications
  • Accounting based on Condor-G


Future Enhancements

The following are the major features that are planned:

  • Integration of the Mobile Phone Network with GARUDA
    - Job Re-submission through Mobile Phone
    - SMS on job status change
  • Integration with SRM Data Grid Solution
  • Peer to peer Architecture
  • Supporting parallel jobs other than MPI (such as PVM, SHMEM, TBB, KAAPI, etc)
  • Enhanced support for MPI
    - Support for vendor MPI
    - Support for Master-Slave MPI Applications
  • Supporting more varieties of applications
    - Java applications
    - Workflows
  • Better file management: Support for Zip File Uploading, creation of directories, putting Output/Error Files in different directories, support for Wild Card option during file uploading
  • Better Job Management
    - Cancel Multiple Jobs
    - Dynamic Display of Job Status
  • Enhanced User Interaction
    - Discussion Forums
    - Audio-Visual Help