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Acoustic Gunshot detection System

The Gunshot Detection System detects and conveys the location of gunfire or other weapon fire using an array of acoustic sensors. These systems can be used by internal security agencies, law enforcement and military to identify the direction of gunfire. The system can be fixed to high security buildings, strategic installations and insurgent prone areas to give precise warning about possible hostile gun fire.

Use Cases
  • Safe City applications for law enforcement
  • Border surveillance for homeland security
  • Perimeter security for high security buildings
  • VVIP protection
Technical Specifications

  • Detection Accuracy in Azimuth angle : ±3°
  • Detection Accuracy in Elevation angle : ±5°
  • Range: Up to 300meters
  • Detection Rate : Above 90%
  • Coverage : 360°
  • Power: 12VDC, less than 6W for Sensor Unit. AC power for remote Display Unit
  • IP rating : IP67
  • Configuration : Static



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