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Children constitute the most vulnerable section of the society and are considered the important asset of our nation. Socio economic circumstances of a family often result in disintegration and child destitution. Various homes have been established by the government across the nation to supplement or substitute parental care and supervision, to promote the overall well being of the disadvantaged children, by providing protection, care, shelter and rehabilitation to them, by adopting a child-friendly approach.

BALSAHARA is a web based software, to automate and monitor the activities of the Govt run Children homes and Child Care Institutions, like maintaining personal records of the children, effective utilization of the assets and resources available at homes; providing nutritious diet, proper health care, cleanliness & proper clothing, entertainment, education and vocation training for the overall child growth and rehabilitation.Availability of real-time data helps the management in effective implementation and evaluation of the projects/ programs/schemes developed for the benefit of the disadvantaged children. The software also keeps account of the activities of Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) and Child Welfare Committees (CWC) who play a major role in rehabilitation of children in need of care and protection and children in conflict with law. The software is based on Juvenile Justice (Care & protection of Children) Act 2015. 

BALSAHARA software was developed in association with Women Development & Child Welfare Department , Govt of AP & Telangana, UNICEF, High Court (AP & Telangana), under the guidance of Hon’able Justice Madan B Lokur, Retired Judge, Supreme Court of India. The project is funded by E-Gov Department, MietY.

Use Cases

The C-DAC team has implemented the software at 35 Girls Homes, 10 Boys Homes, 10 JJBs and 10 CWCs of Telangana state and 46 Girls Homes, 20 Boys Homes, 13 JJBs and 13 CWCs of AP state, with the help of Women Development & Child Welfare department, Govt of AP and Telangana.

Salient Features

The software helps the government in :

  • Monitoring the activities of the Children Homes (Location details, general health of the home, available facilities, effective utilization of the assets and resources available at homes ).

  • Monitoring the overall child growth and rehabilitation (Nutritious Diet, Proper health care, Cleanliness & proper clothing, Education, Vocation training, Entertainment).

  • Availability of real-time textual & graphical analytical data helps the government in effective implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the projects/programs/schemes developed for the benefit of the vulnerable children.

  • Designed and developed the software as per Juvenile Justice (Care and protection) Act 2015, prescribed by Govt of India.

  • Unique Identification Number for child tracking.


Technical Specifications

  • User friendly Customizable Graphical User Interface.

  • Mobile & Web based Multilingual Software currently available in three languages amelt English, Hindi and Telugu.

  • Local language support with Unicode fonts ensures web compatibility.

  • Loosely coupled multi-layer component architecture ensures easy customization, re usability and scalability.

  • Platform Independent: Works with Windows/Linux operating system.

  • Database Independent: Works on commercial or open source database.

  • Developed using open source technologies which ensures minimal cost of ownership.



Platform Required (if any)

Developed using open source technologies like Java, Struts, Spring, Hibernate


Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information

Mrs K. Radhika
 C-DAC Hydeabad, Plot No. 6 & 7, Hardware Park, Sy No. 1/1, Srisailam Highway Pahadi Shareef, Via, Keshavagiri Post, Hyderabad, Telangana 501510