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Echosounder is used for measuring water depth below the keel of the ship / submarine at sea. This equipment works on the principle of Ultrasonic signal transmission and reception.

Use Cases

Echosounders are specifically designed and developed for Naval applications. This equipment can measure water depth up to 10000m. It is also capable of synchronised transmission with other Sonar systems. Different ultrasonic frequency transducers ranging from 12KHz to 1MHz frequency are used. The technology is transferred for production and the Indian Navy is the end user.

Salient Features

20 cm to 10000m depth measuring range
Ship / submarine versions
Dual channel echo echogram display
Dual channel 2D depth plot
Distance and event markers
Fully AUTO MODE measurement
High capacity session archival
GPS, EMLOG interface
Self diagnostic checks
Meets JSS55555 and MIL 461E specification

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