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HTML Translator utility has been developed for bulk conversion of English HTML pages to Hindi. The folder is scanned for all existing Web pages to which the processing logic based on rules of domain specific terms and terminologies, followed by transliteration is applied. Acronyms are also handled by this utility. The font sizes for applications created for Hindi often needs to be modified in a ratio / factor for better clarity of the ascenders, descenders, diacritic marks, etc. This also caters to the CSS (cascading style sheets) for applying format information uniformly to the webpage. This utility not only converts the data but also adjusts the fonts according to the ratio set.

The problems related to font size variations have been tackled with the introduction of specially designed UI Screen Fonts for bilingual User Interface. It renders Indian language text with more clarity on the web. If any English text is to be kept along side (eg: English numbers or acronyms) the data appears uniform. The CSS or height of font matches for keeping better sync with the User Interface of the corresponding English application. The font is used as a dynamic font (Embedded Open Type: EOT) so the user does not need to physically download the font for rendering the data.

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