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Mobile applications witnessed rampant proliferation from multiple App Stores and these applications handle user’s sensitive information and critical device resources. Hence, the security assessment & penetration testing of mobile applications has become paramount to prevent the mis-utilization of data & resources. An automation tool performing fast-paced security analysis becomes inevitable. Parikshan is an Automation tool focused on performing static and dynamic analysis of mobile applications. The tool can identify security vulnerabilities and perform penetration testing for a few of them. This tool would be useful to App Developers & Security Analysts. As an outcome, a detailed security audit report containing information about the identified vulnerabilities aids in further analysis.

Use Cases
  • Mobile App Developers

    Security Analysts

    Security Audit Labs

Salient Features
  • Automation of Security Analysis & Vulnerability Assessment of Mobile Applications

  • Supports a total of 24 Static & 12 Dynamic test cases

  • Customized payload generation and injection during Dynamic Analysis

  • Real-time capture of Geo-location information related to the network endpoints communicated by the application

  • Generates detailed Audit Report of identified Vulnerabilities


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Mr. M K Chaitanya

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