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Sonic Ultrasonic Non Destructive test equipment for Space application

SoUNDS is a Non Destructive Test(NDT) and Evaluation System used in space application and is configurable for testing a wide variety of products due to its high bandwidth starting from 100 Hz and customisable test parameters. SoUNDS has been made use of for study and analysis of material properties and for detecting flaws in the material by measuring the velocity of an acoustic wave through the material and the attenuation of the wave in the Material

Salient Features
  • Operating Frequency :100Hz to 500KHz
  • Variable transmission amplitude
  • Transmit Duration : 4 micro seconds to 40ms
  • Receiver Gain Range : 1 to 100000 (in 5 steps of 20dB)
  • Hardware for wideband operation
  • Programmable Signal Generation
  • Power amplification of wideband signals
  • Amplification of wide dynamic range signals (user configurable)
  • Signal Processing capabilities
  • State of the art NDT software

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