Mobile Seva – National Rollout of the Mobile Services Delivery Gateway

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Mobile Seva offers a unique platform which provides multiple mobile based channels (e.g. SMS, USSD, IVRS, m-Apps) for delivery of public services over mobile devices. Citizen can access SMS, USSD and IVRS based services through very basic phones. Departments integrating with any one channel can effortlessly integrate with all the other operational channels as well. Mobile Seva offers SAAS and the services based model enables departments in accessing Mobile Seva services just by registering on Mobile Seva services portal. The Mobile Seva is being developed around open standards, offers highly interoperable services which enables various government department to integrate with Mobile Seva platform seamlessly.

The integration process is very easy and the departments need to register themselves on Mobile Seva portal and once verification is done, the departments can start using Mobile Seva services. A department integrated with one channel can offer the same services on other mobile channels without making any extra effort.

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