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Year 2011

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In the News Date
Food security looks up as HPC forays into agriculture sector Feb 11
C-DAC initiative to tackle future food crises in India Feb 12
शेतीविषयक संशोधनासाठी ग्रिड विकसित (Content in Marathi) Feb 14
Voice-based browsing in offing Mar 05
C-DAC Launches Healthcare Solution May 06
Two new software tools from C-DAC Apr 02
C-DAC tool to detect data duplication in documents Apr 03
C-DAC develops tool for faster detection of H1N1 Apr 04
C-DAC releases two software Apr 03
C-DAC launches two products Apr 05
C-DAC focuses on advanced research in cyber security Jun 03
Rajat Moona C-DAC director general Jun 03
Cyber security top priority: Moona Jun 03
C-DAC Signs MoU With National Archives Of India Jun 20
C-DAC, NAI join hands for digital preservation Jun 21
Equiping NAI to preserve digital info Jun 21
सरकारी विभाग, बॅंका, संस्थांच्या माहितीचे होणार दीर्घकालीन जतन (Content in Marathi) Jun 23
Software for preserving electronic records on cards Jun 25
अभियांत्रिकीसाठी सी-डॅकचा लघू महासंगणक (Content in Marathi) Jul 07
ई गव्हर्नन्सच्या प्रत्येक रेकॉर्डची होणार जपवणूक (Content in Marathi) Jul 07
C-DAC to expand operations Jul 15
Get your Domain Names in Malayalam Script in 2012 Jul 15
C-DAC to expand operations Jul 15
Need to take up research in information security stressed Jul 15
Soon, apply for certificates via your mobile phone Jul 18
Hi-tech weather forecasts for 60K villages Jul 19
संगणक बोलणार भारतीय भाषा (Content in Marathi) Aug 04
दुबार नावे शोधता येणार एका क्लिकवर! (Content in Marathi) Aug 08
सीआयडी व ‘सी-डॅक’तर्फे ‘सायबर क्राईम’संबंधी प्रशिक्षण (Content in Marathi) Sep 14
सी-डॅकचे नवे संकेतस्थळ (Content in Marathi) Sep 15
विश्‍वकोश अभ्यासा आता ऑनलाइन (Content in Marathi) Nov 16
Marathi encyclopaedia goes online Nov 16
परम संगणकाचा अनेक देशांना आधार (Content in Marathi) Nov 22
e-Marathi encyclopaedia 2.0 Dec 02
मराठी विज्ञान शब्दकोशाची गरज : विजय भटकर (Content in Marathi) Dec 02
मराठी विश्वकोश आता मोबाईलवरही (Content in Marathi) Dec 02
"विश्‍वकोश' मोबाईल अन्‌ आय-पॅडवरही! (Content in Marathi) Dec 02
Marathi encyclopaedia goes online Dec 02
सी-डँक' को आईडीसी एचपीसी पुरस्कार (Content in Marathi) Dec 02