PG Diploma Courses

PG-Diploma Courses (September-22)

PG Diploma in Advanced Computing

PG Diploma in Embedded Systems Design(PG-DESD)

PG Diploma in Big Data Analytics

PG Diploma in IT Infrastructure, Systems and Security(PG-DITISS)

PG Diploma in VLSI Design

PG Diploma in Internet of Things

PG Diploma in Artificial Intelligence

PG Diploma in Mobile Computing

PG Diploma in Advanced Secure Software Development(PG-DASSD)

PG Diploma In Geoinformatics

Post Graduate Diploma in Robotics & Allied Technologies(PG-DRAT)

Post Graduate Diploma in HPC System Administration(PG-DHPCSA)

Post Graduate Diploma in FinTech & Blockchain Development(PG-DFBD)

Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security & Forensics (PG-DCSF)

PG Diploma in High Performance Computing Application Programming (PG-DHPCAP)