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The robust solution for Indian languages on DOS

cardThe C-DAC GIST Card is a PC add-on card that allows the use of Indian & other scripts, with English, in all existing text-based application packages like dBase, FoxPro, Lotus 1-2-3, QBasic, and compilers like C, C++ and Clipper. on MS-DOS. It is available with its own WordStar compatible, customized multilingual word-processor called 'ALP For GIST Card’.

The C-DAC GIST Card is ideal for multilingual database applications on MS-DOS, wherein the database can be entered, processed, sorted, displayed and printed in any Indian language with English.

Some of the major multilingual applications of C-DAC GIST Card are

  • Accounting packages
  • Payroll - Payslips, employee reports etc.
  • Land records – Data entry and printing
  • Voter ID Cards
  • Printing of Reports, ledgers etc.
  • Printing of Invoices, Bills, Receipts, Cash Memos, Vouchers etc.
  • Correspondence in Indian languages

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