Language Independent Programme Subtitles (LIPS)


(Language Subtitling Solutions)

Language Independent Programme Subtitles (LIPS) is a pioneering technology that enables multilingual subtitling for the entertainment world.

Our cost effective solutions enable the viewer to watch a programme with specific language subtitles. This increases the programme viewership to a great extent.

A user-friendly system for creating fused subtitling in Arabic, Russian, Indian and European languages.

LIPS Pro- Advanced Creation Station

Salient features:

  • Generates high-resolution subtitles with excellent anti-aliased fonts for better readability
  • Allows online interactive subtitle creation in various languages
  • INSCRIPT and PHONETIC keyboards available
  • Preview option for online fine-tuning of the subtitles
  • Auto time-coding and validation of time codes
  • Multi view feature to view subtitles in two languages simultaneously.
  • Upgradable to LIPS Mastering Station for VBI (Teletext) based subtitling