MOVE CG 2001

(The next generation Character Generator for Broadcast and Post production environments)

Every television and Video production professional desires an appealing look and a striking identity for their programme. Move CG Pro delivers more than the desired.

A cost effective, high performance Multilingual Character Generator with power packed presentation features. Add attractive Titles, Credits, Captions, Logos and Eye-catching graphics in 2D, simple animations and stunning effects to the video with minimal effort. Use embedded objects such as Analog Clock, Digital Clock, Countdown Timer and Microsoft Office. And many more…

Salient features:

  • Supports all official Indian languages and some international languages.
  • Supports Urdu, Sindhi and Kashmiri languages.
  • Multiple Rolls and Tickers.
  • Multiple logos with facility to specify logo position and size.
  • Animated logo supporting .bmp, , .tga, .png image series, .gif and .avi files.
  • Import facility for data input from Database/Text File/Excel sheet and so on.
  • Character attributes such as Normal, Bold, Italic, Bold Italic and Underline.
  • Anti-aliased fonts.
  • Data representation by Tables and Charts.
  • Facility to save and apply user defined effect templates.
  • Alpha pattern to view color transparency.
  • Static preview.
  • Built-in animation editor with real time animation view.
  • Online Help.
  • Ergonomically designed UI for quick access.
  • Digital and Analog clocks and countdown timer.
  • Multilingual Spellchecker.
  • Editing features and multiple layers in a page.
  • I/O interface:

Option I: SD

  • Input - One Composite and SDI.
  • Output - 2 SDI, one can be used as key-out or preview and one Composite.

Option II: SD / HD

  • Input - One SDI
  • Output - 2 SDI SD/HD, one can be used as key-out or preview.

Option III: SD / HD

  • Input - Two SD / HD SDI. (One Video Input and One Key Input)
  • Output - 4 SDI Output. (Two Key Output and Two Video Output)


  • Page Transition effects.
  • Object Animation effects like Wipes, Zoom etc.
  • Organic wipes and Zoom effects.
  • Neon, MultiEdge, MultiSheen and Textured text effect.
  • Gradient effect to edge, face and shadow along with soft shadow.
  • Live program and output window in s/w
  • Frame Grab from Live input stream
  • Video Crop facility
  • Key-out of program channel.
  • Playlist of for Roll and Crawl.
  • Image Insertion in Ticker.
  • Separate video pass-through facility.


Supports simple drawing tools with:

  • Graphic Objects like Wedge, Polygon, Spline curve & Arc, and so on.
  • 16 million colors and 256 levels of transparency.

Download Brochure (PDF Document. Size: 393Kb, Date: 8/7/2015)