C-DAC GIST's Tarseel

(Inpage to UNICODE Converter)

C-DAC GIST's TARSEEL allows user to convert third party (InPage) text files to UNICODE text files. This Tool is enriched by C-DAC GIST's expertise in Indian Language Computing and its standardization activities. User can give the path of folder which contains InPage files and on one click, all the files are converted to UNICODE.

It will clean-up your InPage text as well. It will correct Big Yeh Problem along with brackets problem. With this software you can enhance Urdu text processing in several ways. Now it becomes possible to process Urdu text, use it to make Urdu E-Books, Urdu Flash animation etc. and all of this with World Standard Unicode. By converting your InPage Files to Unicode you can increase your website ranking to top most possible because search engines only index text words.

Salient Features :

  • Support for Converting an InPage text file to Unicode text file.
  • User-friendly and simple graphical user interface
  • Bulk data conversion is supported.
  • Data is also processed for cleaning before generating final output.

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